Finding, Bidding on and Managing Projects

There are two ways Creators can find projects to work on via Omnia. The first is to do nothing - Omnia will present projects that Businesses are looking to contract. If you meet the criteria for the project, Omnia will share it with you and you can determine if you are interested in learning more and in submitting a bid. Once a Business creates their Project Brief, the following Project Bid and mangement process kicks off.

  1. Omnia will forward a summary of the Project to Creators whose experience matches the needs of the submitting Business
  2. Creators will have 48 hours to respond that they are interested in the project and want to learn more. They will have the option of submitting one question at this point in time asking for more details. If a Creator does not response within 48 hours, Omnia will mark them as being uninterested
  3. The names and profiles of the interested Creators will be forwarded to the Business who posted the Project along with the followup questions. Note: Answers to the the questions are only shared with the Creator who sent the question. If the answer is something that would be germane to all interested Creators, the Business will have to update the Project Profile with the additional information.
  4. The process of asking and answering questions on a one off basis continues until the Creators have enough information to submit their respective initial bids/SOW’s. The bid/SOW will include the amount the Creator will charge for the project, the delivery time frame, and the schedule of milestone deliveries.
  5. Once the Business selects the bid/SOW they want to work with, the next stage of the Omnia Project Management system opens up to provide a more detailed and direct communication path allowing the Business and Creator to finalize all the details of the project and sign off on it.
  6. Once the Business and Creator are in agreement regarding all the details of the project, work begins and the Omnia Project Management System will track it and ensure that milestones are being met and payments are happening per the agreed schedule.
  7. As a final step, upon acceptance of the final project, in addition to coordinating the final payment to the Creator, the Business will be asked to confirm that they give the Creator the right to post the AR project to the Omnia Community. If the Business does not grant this permission, the Creator will not be permitted to post it.

The process of accepting or rejected a Project Brief begins with a notice that you have matched, and you can find detail about the project in the Project & Jobs tab from your Profile Page.

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Milestones & Payment Options

Understanding that AR projects may take significant time to accomplish and may require ongoing input and acceptance by the client to ensue that the project is proceeded as they desire, Omnia allows you to build milestones into your Bid/SOW’s, and receive payment as the work progresses. As described below, for smaller projects, that are assumed to take less time, the billing and payment schedule is fixed. But as the projects get bigger and more complex, you have the ability, as you formulate your Bid/SOW to break down the work, and payment schedule, into chunks that make sense for the project. Please note, that although you may suggest a milestone schedule, until the Business signs off, it is simply your suggestion. The actual schedule will not be finalized until you the Creator and the Business agree on the schedule.

The various Milestone/Payment options are:

  • For Projects under $2500
    • Advanced Payment in Full, Omnia bill the Business in full at the beginning of the project, but will remit 50% to the Creator at the beginning of the project with the remaining 50% being released upon final acceptance by the Business.
  • For Projects under $5000
    • Advanced Payment in Full as described above
    • 50/50 Payment this is similar to the Advanced Payment option except Omnia will charge the Business twice, once at the start of the project (acceptance of the Bid/SOW and once when the Creator submits the final project. Final payment will not be released to the Creator until final acceptance by the Business. Note, the full Omnia Project Management fee will be added to the initial billing period.
  • For Projects over $5000, two additional payment options are available
    • Three Payment 30/40/30 where Omnia will bill the Business for 30% of the project upon acceptance, then 40% at the midpoint milestone. The initial payment will be made upon acceptance of the Bid/SOW and the second payment will be made upon signoff of the second milestone. The the remaining 30% will be billed upon submission of the final product and will be remitted to the Creator upon acceptance of the final product. The full Omnia project management fee will be added to the initial billing period.
    • Five Payments (20/20/20/20/20) where the entire project is divided into 5 equal payment, with the final payment being billed upon submission of the final product with remittance to the Creator upon acceptance of the product. Note: The Omnia Project Management fee will be divided between the initial 3 payments with 50% of the Project Management fee being billed at acceptance, 35% being billed at the second milestone, and the remaining 15% being billed at the 3rd milestone.
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How to respond to your project briefs

The underlying goal of Omnia is to match Businesses with Creators and that all starts with the Project Brief that a Business generates. Based on the criteria and details outlined in the Project Brief, Omnia will submit copies to Creators who appear to be matches for the work requested.

Once notified that you have matched a Project Brief, it is important that you review the Project Brief and reply within 48 hours, as that is the time limit Creators have to accept or express interest in a Project before they lose the ability to bid on it.

Creators who do match, will be notified by email and via a notice in their Omnia account.

You can find Project Briefs you have matched with ia the Projects & Jobs Tab on your Omnia Profile page.

Augmented Reality (AR) - CreateArCreatorMatchingCreateProjectBriefProjectBrief

To retain the ability to accept a Project, within 48 hours of the notification that you matched, you need to either reply to the Business requesting additional information, or if the Project Brief is detailed enough, submit your bid. Both options happen via the screen below.

To request more information, either click the “I want more details about the project... “ button at the bottom, or you can submit a specific question.

If the Project Brief is detailed enough for you to submit a bid without additional information, fill out the SOW form.

To submit a bid you need to provide:

  • Your price
  • The delivery time frame and what will be delivered at key milestones
  • The billing structure - i.e. will you bill in 3 parts or 5 parts. Omnia will divide your price into the appropriate billing structure.

NOTE: the first and final milestones are assumed to be the Project Kickoff and Delivery of and Acceptance of the Final Product. In addition to stating that in the first and final Milestone fields, you can add any additional information you feel is necessary.

Augmented Reality (AR) - ArCreatorMatchingProjectBriefStartConversation

As your Project Bid moves through consideration, its state will change when viewed in your Profile Page. The three main states are:

  1. That you are a potential match and the 48 hour clock on your reply is ticking.
  2. That you have shown interest and are engaged, with the Business
  3. That the project has been closed. If the Business selected another Creator for the project, this is how the Project, post acceptance will appear to you.
Augmented Reality (AR) - ArCreatorMatchingShowInterestAugmented Reality (AR) - ArCreatorMatchingInterestShownAugmented Reality (AR) - ArCreatorMatchingInterestClosed

Providing Clients with Project Updates

Next to the finished product, the most important thing that a Creator can provide to a Business is regular updates on the status of a Project. Omnia’s Project Management Tools make this an easy and automated task by tracking work along the scheduled that was agreed upon by the Creator and Business when the project was contracted.

There are two types of information that Creators can and should share with their Business clients. The first are regular status updates and the second is the work that is due at each milestone date. The process for both happens via the Project Management Tab located on the specific project. Creators can find this from the Project and Jobs Tab on their Profile page. (Profile Page -> Project & Jobs Tab -> Specific Project -> Project Management).

Augmented Reality (AR) - ArCreatorMatchingUpdateBusinessOverview

To submit a general update, simply click on the date and fill out the requisite information on the Submit Milestone window that will open.

The process is the same for Milestone reports, only Milestone reports are required to be submitted on the posted dat, highlighted on the calendar. Also, both Creators and the Business client will receive email notices about upcoming milestone dates as well as notices in their Omnia account.

Also, Milestone events not only require the Creator to upload information about the Project’s progress, but it requires that the Business acknowledge receipt of that information and that the Business inform that Creator that the work is fine and should continue, or if the Business has questions, they can pose them to the Creator so changes can be made to the project before work proceeds.

Another difference between Milestone reporting and general updates, is that billing of the client Business and paying the Creator are tied to milestones. Businesses are billed when Milestone summaries are submitted and Creators are paid when the Milestone work is accepted.

Augmented Reality (AR) - ArCreatorMatchingSubmitMilestone

Missed Milestones or Change Orders

Sometimes delivery dates are missed in even the most well managed projects. Though not something one wants to have happen, the key to managing a missed Milestone or delivery date is proper communication. If a Creator feels that they will miss a pending Milestone, as soon in advance as possible they should inform the Business and change the delivery date. This is also accomplished via the Activity Tab on the Project Management page. To inform the Business of a need to change a Mielstone date, select the Change Estimated Delivery Date option and complete the onscreen form.

Because the delivery schedule is part of the Project contract between the Business and the Creator, the change cannot be made unilaterally, and must be accepted by the Business.

Also, it is important to note that Milsetone changes should only be used when the delay is short. If a Creator has run into a true issue that will cause a material delay in the project, the Omnia Project Management Change Order function should be used to open discussions with the Business about ways to address or work around the material issue.

Augmented Reality (AR) - ArCreatorMatchingChangeEstimatedDeliveryDate


When a Milestone event is reached, Omnia will bill the business for the portion of the project that is due at that point in time. When the Business accept the submitted work, payment will be released to the Creator, and the Creator will receive official notice.

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