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Augmented Reality (AR) for your tech product

Did you know that with AR you can achieve these results?

Achieve that ROI👆, with these👇
AR 3D Content
Add AR-ready 3D Content for your
game, lifestyle app, social media app
or anything in between
Augmented Reality (AR) - Ecom pic 1
Augmented Reality (AR) - Ecom pic 1
AR Filters
Expand your filters and AR
background options by ordering
custom branded alternatives
Offer AR as part of your existing
application or software. Combine
AR solutions with complementary
technologies like ML.
Augmented Reality (AR) - Ecom pic 1
You’re only 3 steps away from your desired solution
Discovery Phase - no knowledge needed
On Omnia you can find tons of unique Augmented Reality (AR) use cases for your business, and get inspired by other creators’ works.
Creation phase - high quality at a fraction of the cost
From complex custom applications to templated solutions, just fill out the on-line forms and Omnia will match you with Creators familiar with your market and your particular use case
Management Phase - no special AR expert in-house
Once you pick the Creator you want to work with, Omnia will help manage all aspects of the project.
AR/VR isn’t a luxury
You don’t need to be a big Fortune 500 company to use AR, you just have to use Omnia.
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