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Make Augmented Reality (AR) your business reality
You don’t need to know everything about AR, or be a Fortune 500 company, because Omnia exists

If you sell one of these products you can use AR

Real Estate
Healthcare Services
Financial Services
Digital Marketing

We’ve got a use case for every industry

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Curious how others in your industry are using AR to grow sales and improve their operations? Search for relevant use cases from 100's of vetted Omnia creators and software providers.

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Preview AR projects from your desktop or mobile device

That use case looks interesting on the screen, but how will it look to customers or end users? Pull out your cell phone and test any examples from the Omnia library.

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Get the AR content you need from the right people or software providers

Omnia has the answer to the million dollar question: “Who can help me with my AR needs?.” Just describe the AR idea you are thinking about and Omnia will match you with technical resources (we call them Creators) who have:

  • AR experience in your industry or use case
  • Match your budget and geography/language preference
  • And if you’re the technical type, desired development platforms
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Or hire your dream AR creators for full-time roles

Agencies and Businesses looking to expand their teams and create a solid AR team in-house can do so from Omnia. We will find the best candidates that match your preference, just like we do for projects.

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Track your campaign analytics from all your sources, in 1 single dashboard

You invested in AR content for a reason, but how do you know if it working? Omnia's integrated analytics platform opens up an entirely new area of data analysis that will show just how impactful your AR content is.

From one dashboard see how much your conversion rates have improved; how much your cart abandonment rate has decreased; how much more efficient your field service reps are; or through integrations with other data platforms, how your AR content is affecting the KPI's it was designed to improve.

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Create Augmented Reality (AR) assets in seconds with A.I. Not minutes or hours.

What business owners talk about Omnia

Augmented Reality (AR) - Salman

Salman, CEO, Metadesignerz

Companies are shifting to Web3 because it’s a necessity, building foundations at an early stage opens up lots of opportunities for brands for what will be the norm in the upcoming years. We at Metadesignerz are happy to be contributing to this vision with Omnia.

Flexible fees for any business size

Small, Medium, Large or Enterprise; Retail, B2C or B2BProduct or Service based. Flush with cash or boot strapped... regardless of your business, Omnia is for you. Omnia understands that experiential and augmented reality is where internet content is headed, and Omnia was established to make AR easy for every business. Regardless of your project size, scope, or complexity, Omnia will help you bring your augmented reality needs to fruition at prices far less than you imagined.

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