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What is AR?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a relatively old technology that has become popular with the Niantic game called Pokèmon go. Since then, it’s been used by marketers to achieve new KPIs, which is why we started Omnia. To let even more marketers (small and big) use AR.

How do I view AR projects on Omnia?

You can view AR projects from the content feed. You can see a device compatibility row in each project listing. Make sure you have the proper device for viewing them. You can learn more about viewing your projects here. If a project doesn’t have a “View in AR” button enabled, you can always watch a video of it.

Are you like UpWork?

Although we have some similarities to UpWork, namely that of accessing AR developers, we’re substantially different as we offer tools (proprietary and from 3rd parties) as well as a way for our users to interact with one another in a more engaging way. Our product features are also built for AR content specifically.

How can I use the Omnia partners’ tools?

Every partner has its own partner page profile, listing everything from how the tool can be used to examples of use cases developed. In order to access it, make sure you click on “gain access.” After that you can select your favorite option (free use or buy the full version). You can learn more here.

Do you have free plans? or how does the pricing work?

Signing up is FREE and business users will be charged a project management fee used to cover the built-in tools for management and collaboration. You can see a breakdown of the transaction fees and their percentages, here.

As a business, how should I use the product?

As a business user, you can use Omnia to discover innovative use cases for your operations, curate catalogues of interesting services and then order projects on-demand or even create them with the tools we offer on discount. If you’re not ready to do any of this, you can start exploring the product for free today. Sign-up here.

Augmented Reality (AR) - avtarLogo
Augmented Reality (AR) - avtarLogo
Augmented Reality (AR) - avtarLogo

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