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What is Omnia?

Omnia is an Industry agnostic creator marketplace for AR solutions giving businesses access to a suite of discovery, development, and AI tools, including talent to streamline any AR development process:


To facilitate a seamless journey for businesses of all scales, guiding them from the discovery of AR content to its effective deployment. Our marketplace is designed to foster continuous collaboration between tools, AI, and talent, ensuring an integrated approach to the adoption and innovation of AR content and solutions. We are committed to creating a dynamic ecosystem where businesses and creators converge effortlessly, offering a blend of human and machine output.


Omnia aspires to be the quintessential AR hub, an all-encompassing platform where the fusion of creation, collaboration, and innovation happens seamlessly. Envisioning a future where AR content is as ubiquitous and accessible as videos on YouTube, as engaging as films on Netflix, as diverse as the professional network on UpWork, as enlightening as courses on Udemy, and as analytically rich as campaigns on Hootsuite. Omnia is set to revolutionize how businesses, creators, and consumers interact with augmented reality, making it an integral part of the digital experience.

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