The Omnia Platform - An Overview

The Omnia Platform is divided into a few key sections to make navigation and use easier. Those are:

  • Omnia Community Board - This is the newsfeed where Creators and Partners can post examples of their work and all Omnia members can comment. Business members can also post questions to the Community Board. Click HERE for additional information about the Community Board.
  • Partner Gallery - This is where Businesses and Creators can find, try and buy licenses to the latest AR development tools from software firms that Omnia has Partnered with. Click HERE for additional information about the Partner Gallery.
  • Project Posting - The cornerstone of the Omnia Platform is to help Businesses find Creators who can develop the AR content or applications that they desire. Click HERE for additional information about the Posting Projects.
  • Project Management - Finding a Creator who you want to work with is where the fun part starts. Creation and on time delivery requires attention and managing the project. The Project Management tools built into Omnia make this easy. Click HERE for additional information about managing projects contracted through the Omnia Market.
  • Profiles - Every Omnia member class (Creator, Business, Partner) has a profile describing them. Profiles are immensely important on the Omnia Platform as the details provided are used by Omnia to match members to each other. Your profile is basically your commercial to the entire Omnia Community, it is therefore in your best interest to keep it up to date. Click HERE for additional information Profiles.

What type of User Should I Sign Up As?

The Omnia Community is made up of three types of members: Creatros, Businesses and Partners. Type of Omnia User you should sign up as, depends on who you are most interested in connecting with and why you want to connect with them.  That does not mean to say you are limit to only connecting with one other type of Omnia member. Regardless of the type of Omnia Member you are, you are free to connect with and communicate with anyone else on the Omnia Platform. What member categories do is allow Omnia to provide a user experience that is optimized for you.

You should sign up as a CREATOR if you are most interested in speaking with and developing augmented reality projects for businesses.

You should sign up as a Business if you are most interested in learning about augmented reality and want to find technical resources to help you develope augmented reality content and applications.

You should sign up as a Partner if you have developed a tool(s) to help in the creation of augmented reality content or applications. Or, if you provide a service that technical resources would use to create augmented reality content or applications. For example, perhaps you perform on-site Metaport filming or have the capacity to create large volumes of 3D images / objects.

Note: Though it is possible to sign up as a Partner, before a Partner is able to publish posts, or participate on the Omnia Community Board, financial terms and pricing for Omnia members must be agreed upon. If you are interested in becoming an Omnia Partner and have questions, click HERE to schedule a call with an Omnia team member.

Just because you have joined Omnia as one type of member, does not mean that you are locked into the description of that member type. For example you may have signed up as a Creator to find new clients, but based on a particular project, may need to hire another creator (i.e. act like a Business) as a subcontractor to help with the project.

How do I use The Omnia Platform

Omnia was conceived to establish a community for people engaged in the creation or use of augmented reality. Though all Omnia members share a connection to augmented reality, they are all coming at it from a different perspective, and hence will not use Omnia in the same way.

Augmented Reality (AR) - Creator Signup

CREATORS: As the name implies, Creators join Omnia to find opportunities to create new AR experiences, content and applications. As such they are more likely to promote their past and current work via posts to the Community Board, answering questions posed by Businesses, and continuing their technical education by testing and using the tools listed on the Partner Portal.  Creators also have the opportunity to engage with Businesses about potential projects, and bid on those projects via Omnia’s Project Posting portal. Finally, Creators will use the Omnia Project Management tools to help manage communications, milestone approvements, and payments from Businesses for projects they have been contracted for.

Augmented Reality (AR) - Ar Individual

BUSINESSES: Businesses join Omnia for two main reasons. First is to learn more about augmented reality in general. The second and main reason is to find Creators who can deliver the AR content, applications or experiences that they desire. Both reasons can start with questions posted to the Omnia Community Board.

Augmented Reality (AR) - Business Signup

Once an idea has been crystallized, and a Business is ready to find a Creator to help with Development, they will use Omnia’s Project Posting portal to outline their project and engage the Omnia algorithms to find Creators who have the desired skills and industry experience. The Project Management tools is where Businesses will oversee development of the contracted AR projects and will manage and pay the Creators for their work.

PARTNERS: Like Creators, Partners typically join Omnia to find opportunities. Since they are promoting software to assist with AR project development, they are more looking to connect with Creators than with Businesses. Towards that end, they two will make use of the Omnia Community Board to post example of AR content and use cases that was created via their tools, and to engage with Creators and Businesses. The key place on the Omnia Platform for Partners is the Partner Portal, as that is where Creators who are interested in learning more about a Partner’s tools, or who want to sign up for a trial or to make a purchase, will go.

Augmented Reality (AR) - Partner Signup

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