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Augmented Reality (AR) for education

Did you know that with AR you can achieve these results?

Reduction in cognitive
Higher Engagement
Plus (+)
Achieve that ROI👆, with these👇
AR Learning Session
Encourage ongoing learning and
improve retention rates. AR can
also reduce cognitive overload
for complex information
Augmented Reality (AR) - Ecom pic 1
Augmented Reality (AR) - Ecom pic 1
AR Interactive Materials
Engage your audience of target group
with augmented learning experiences
for your books, marketing assets or any
other learning material
You’re only 3 steps away from your desired solution
Discovery Phase - no knowledge needed
On Omnia you can find tons of unique Augmented Reality (AR) use cases for your business, and get inspired by other creators’ works.
Creation phase - high quality at a fraction of the cost
From complex custom applications to templated solutions, just fill out the on-line forms and Omnia will match you with Creators familiar with your market and your particular use case
Management Phase - no special AR expert in-house
Once you pick the Creator you want to work with, Omnia will help manage all aspects of the project.
AR/VR isn’t a luxury
You don’t need to be a big Fortune 500 company to use AR, you just have to use Omnia.
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