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January 9, 2024

Omnia and One Soccer Nation Launch Groundbreaking AR Partnership to Showcase Global Soccer Talent
Omnia, renowned for its innovative augmented reality (AR) technology, and One Soccer Nation, committed to discovering hidden soccer talents, are excited to announce a transformative partnership. This collaboration is set to introduce unique AR experiences, revolutionizing the way fans interact with the sport and shining a spotlight on undiscovered players.

Aldo Petruzzelli, CEO & Co-Founder of Omnia, says:

"This partnership is about bringing the game closer to fans like never before. Our AR technology will include features such as virtual player meet-and-greets and immersive game simulations, offering fans a new way to experience soccer."

Omnia has already helped in generating innovative use cases in the sports industry, like the Chicago Bulls Fan Experience built for the Vision Pro this past August (you can see it here), during one of the hackathons the company has organized alongside players like Niantic, Inc. The project has been considered by AR Insider (a leading voice in the industry) as a potential killer use case, here.

Kareem Rae, Founder & CEO of One Soccer Nation, adds:

"Through Omnia's AR platform, we aim to give a voice to talented athletes who have been overlooked due to various barriers. This technology allows us to highlight their skills in an interactive and engaging way."

The partnership will officially launch its first AR experience in the coming months, with demonstrations scheduled at major soccer events. Athletes and fans express excitement about this innovative approach to fan engagement and talent showcasing.

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Visual demonstrations of the AR technology can be viewed here: Click Here
For more details on this exciting partnership, visit Omnia and One Soccer Nation.

Kareem Rae
Founder & CEO at One Soccer Nation
Aldo Petruzzelli
Co-Founder & CEO